spaghetti with bacon and cheese in a blue bowl

spaghetti with cheese and bacon




Yield 2-3 people

Spaghetti with cheese and bacon is perfect comfort food – well anything with pasta makes great comfort food in my opinion. You can whip it up in about 15 minutes, so it makes a great dish for a mid-week supper. Serve with a slice or two of garlic bread and a simple green salad.



  1. Boil a kettle of water and then pour into a large saucepan with 1-2 teaspoons of salt.
  2. When the water comes back to the boil, add the pasta and stir well. Cook according to the pack instructions for about 9-10 minutes or until al dente.
  3. While the pasta is cooking add a little cooking oil to a sauté pan.
  4. Saute the onions until soft.
  5. Add the bacon and fry until it is just cooked.
  6. Season with a pinch of garlic salt and a few grounds of fresh black pepper
  7. Pour the milk to the pan and bring to just below boiling point.
  8. Meanwhile, in a small jug, add the cornflour and a couple of tablespoons of water and mix well.
  9. When the milk is almost boiling, stir the cornflour mix again and add to the milk stirring well until it thickens.
  10. Reduce the heat to minimum.
  11. Check the pasta, and when cooked pour into a colander or sieve and retain some of the cooking water.
  12. Add the grated cheese to the sauce and stir well. 
  13. Check the seasoning and add some salt and ground pepper
  14. Add the drained pasta to the sauce and cook for a minute or two.
  15. If the sauce is too thick add some of the pasta cooking water.
  16. Serve in bowls or a plate and top with some freshly torn basil leaves or chopped flat parsley and a grinding of black pepper.

Recipe by The Kitchen Roebuck Park at